Hertford, Hertfordshire

A thorough application process including discussions with officers and coordinated community consultation exercise generated significant local support, enabling Planning Potential to secure approval for a new Aldi store on an allocated employment site in Hertford.

An application for an Aldi food store in Hertford secured unanimous approval at Planning Committee in July 2018. This granted permission for the delivery of a 1,735 sqm food store and 113 space car park.

In response to officer’s initial concerns and despite a lack of marketing evidence, Planning Potential constructed a detailed case to demonstrate that continued use of the site for office/industrial use was no longer viable and was considerably restricted by flooding constraints. A detailed retail analysis was also prepared, demonstrating a lack of local choice and that many local people had to travel to other towns to shop at an Aldi. Officers agreed with the case, also recognising the scheme’s other significant benefits, and recommend that permission be granted.

Early engagement with local stakeholders was also sought, including ward councillors, Hertford Town Council, and local residents. This was extremely positive, with many people echoing our findings that Hertford lacked food shopping choice, welcoming the opportunity to shop locally, reducing travel times whilst at the same time saving money. In response to local feedback, Aldi agreed to fund improvements to a local underpass and a management condition for the store car park.

Summary of Achievements

  • Coordination of pre-application discussions with the local planning authority
  • Production of a detailed retail impact and sequential justification
  • Coordination of planning application and submission
  • Achieving an overwhelming public consultation response, with 76% supporting the proposals
  • Presenting to Town and Ward Councillors
  • Project management of the consultant ream
  • Securing unanimous approval at Planning Committee