• “This was never going to be an easy site, but the collaborative approach from the Planning, Heritage and Communications teams at Planning Potential made the process that much smoother. In conjunction with Blueberry Homes they achieved an almost unanimous consent at Tonbridge and Malling, which is testament to their skills, patience, expertise and diligence.”
    - Scott Rigden, Blueberry Homes

  • “Planning Potential confidently led our design team, and successfully navigated the complex planning path on this challenging site. The success of Cavalry Barracks is testament to the experience that Planning Potential bought to the project. I can honestly say, that without the dedication, and without the enthusiasm the Planning Potential team brought to the project we would not have achieved the incredible 12:0 unanimous decision. An amazing job, from an amazing team.”
    - Mark Gilpin, Group Planning Director, 
    Inland Homes PLC

  • “It’s difficult to secure consent for development in an isolated countryside location. Having been frustrated by the planning process for seven years, Planning Potential successfully secured consent within just seven weeks! This achievement is testament to exceptional design and Planning Potential’s unrivalled ability to present an undeniably compelling case.” - Alex Michaelis, Partner, Michaelis Boyd Associates

  • “We have a biophilic residential offer to combat climate change in cities. Generally, we think we're really smart. But the team from Planning Potential were smarter! Without their help we would absolutely not have achieved planning for our exemplar project in London. They were not only smart, but efficient, knowledgeable, experienced - and a delight to work with. We are already working with them again.”
    - Dr Pierre Wilter, Director, Architecture Redefined

  • “Planning Potential are a crucial part of the ALDI team and a pleasure to work with. They offer a wealth of experience and provide tailored advice that ensures ALDI win community support and secure valuable planning consents, even in the most difficult of circumstances.” - Roland Stanley, Property Director, ALDI

  • “The team are confident in their approach, easy to work with and experienced in finding an answer to every problem.” - Tracy Puttock, Planning Manager, Ashill Group

  • “Planning Potential guided us carefully through the complex planning process, specifically in helping promote the design of this exceptional building in a Conservation Area and in the setting of a Listed Building.” - Jeff Shapiro, Director, Raykor

  • “The experienced, calm and collaborative approach brought by Planning Potential to our complex planning requirements has led to positive outcomes at each turn and helped form meaningful partnerships with respective stakeholders. They come thoroughly recommended.” - Nick Byers, Director, De Beers UK

  • “We are delighted with the success on this project, which is testament to not only Planning Potentials’ knowledge and experience, but their management of the project and hands on co-ordination of the large multi-disciplinary team, on what is a very technically challenging development. Planning Potential exceeded my expectations and it was delight to work with them.” - Chris Gatland, Head of Planning, Redrow Homes

  • “I always sleep more easily if Planning Potential are managing the process. They might not be the biggest planning consultancy in the UK, but they are certainly one of the best in terms of service quality, attention to detail, and results delivery.” - Ricardo Rossetti, Land and Planning Director, Redrow Homes

  • “The consultation process has been second to none, with us as a Town Council and with the residents, to do everything they could do with this application.” - Planning Committee Member

Mission Statement

Vision: To protect and enhance the natural and built environment whilst promoting economic growth

Mission: To contribute to the creation of better places that deliver sustainable design solutions, seek to reduce waste, and promote the use of low embodied carbon materials. We will achieve this through collaboration and community engagement, with a focus on social, economic, and environmental issues, ensuring that we respond to local needs.

Values: To be responsive, enthusiastic, approachable, and loyal.