Jemima Webb

Heritage Advisor, London

Jemima is an enthusiastic member of the Heritage team with a passion for ensuring historic buildings and sites can be sensitively adapted to modern use.

BA Archaeology – University of York
MA Conservation Studies – University of York

Jemima joined Heritage Potential as an intern in June 2022 and since October 2022, she has joined us as Heritage Advisor. She initially graduated from University of York with a BA in Archaeology. This sparked her passion for heritage and the everyday ways in which people interact with archaeology and history, which was developed further through her studies in MA Conservation Studies.

Jemima has previous experience working with Historic England and the Council for British Archaeology and this, alongside her time at University of York, grew her interest in how the planning system connects with heritage. Her interest is particularly in ensuring that historic buildings are conserved but are also continually made relevant to modern uses with sensitive alterations. Jemima is keen to further explore this with Heritage Potential.

Outside of work, Jemima enjoys meeting up with friends and family, and getting involved in art – both painting and going to exhibitions, as well as playing music and going to gigs.

[email protected]