Fairview New Homes

Green Lanes

We helped Fairview New Homes to overcome a number of hurdles that were raised following the submission of a planning application – bringing their proposed residential development project back on track and successfully securing permission within a challenging timeframe.

Fairview held extensive discussions with Hackney Council before they submitted an application to redevelop existing office buildings on Green Lanes, to create a 107-unit residential scheme. Although the council supported the principle of development, officers raised a number of significant issues at a late stage in the process.

Matters relating to the layout of the development and building design were amongst the many issues that were suddenly placed on the table for discussion.

Our brief was to address each of the points raised and work with the council to find an acceptable solution – without losing too much valuable time.

We quickly familiarised ourselves with the project and established a good working relationship with the council’s planning officers. We worked through the various points, establishing what was acceptable and addressing the remaining issues.

By making minor concessions, we successfully minimised the number of changes required to Fairview’s proposals. The scheme received a positive recommendation from council officers and was unanimously approved at committee.

We continued to work with the council to shape the planning conditions and ensure that development could progress as quickly as possible. In this instance, we were able to revise a large number of pre-commencement conditions, enabling demolition to begin.

Fairview were pleased that we not only helped them to secure permission for the redevelopment but also discharged numerous conditions on their behalf to ensure the scheme could be delivered as quickly as possible.

Summary of achievements

  • Full review of all the pre-application and application material in a very short space of time
  • Identification of all the issues that needed to be resolved, as well as those that were agreed
  • Defence of our client’s position and focus on issues that needed to be addressed
  • Establishment of a good working relationship with the Council officers – by focusing our approach on assisting them
  • Successful promotion of the benefits of the development scheme and its role in meeting the Council’s objectives
  • Enabling the development to progress as quickly as possible