Aldi Stores Ltd – Portfolio Work

Acting on behalf of Aldi Stores Ltd, Planning Potential secured two detailed planning permissions - one in May 2022 and one in July 2022 - for new, modern foodstores to support and expand Aldi’s existing estate. One permission was granted for development on a residential-led greenfield allocation, and the other on a vacant brownfield site bordering the town centre. The differences between the two permissions showcase our breadth of knowledge and experience of applying our retail specialism across a range of policy, material and site-specific backdrops.

By leveraging our knowledge and application of the retail tests, and our application of relevant planning policies, Planning Potential were successful in demonstrating the principle of retail development in two very distinct locations, each subject to their own respective development frameworks. Common to both applications, this included the preparation of retail impact assessments to demonstrate that the proposals would not give rise to significant adverse impact on the vitality & viability of the nearest centres. In this case, two principal centres were identified and assessed – Goole Town Centre and Selby Town Centre. In undertaking these assessments, up-to-date population and expenditure figures had to be commissioned and sensitivity testing was undertaken to ensure that the assessments were accurate and robust in light of a potential Judicial Review challenge from retail competitors. By interrogating the recent housing delivery records, we were also able to demonstrate that retail development need not prejudice wider residential-led aspirations.

By working closely with the client consultant team and developing productive relationships and dialogue with planning officers, Planning Potential were able to manage and lead the two similar, yet very contrasting, retail proposals and successfully navigate detailed and extensive planning discussion which involved consultee and technical third-party input across a range of disciplines, including design & landscaping, highways & access, flooding & drainage, and ecology.

Positive recommendations were secured for both applications, with members approving each development at the respective planning committees.

Post planning permission, Planning Potential remained involved in the delivery of the projects, namely through the preparation, management and monitoring of the discharge of conditions process, with a focus on pre-commencement conditions to enable a timely and efficient lawful commencement of development.

Summary of achievements

  • Project management of the process and consultant teams
  • Preparation of retail impact assessments
  • Full co-ordination and submission of the planning application
  • Minimising opportunities for JR challenge through a comprehensive submission package
  • Negotiation / Liaison with the Local Planning Authority
  • Securing resolution to grant consent and successfully passing through planning committee