Private Client

Highgate, London

Planning Potential assisted with substantial refurbishment works to a property which is a "Positive Contributor" to the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area in the Highgate area of Camden.

Our client was purchasing the property subject to planning approval for extensive works to the property. These included the replacement of a small rear extension with a larger alternative; provision of a terrace above the new rear extension; creation of a contemporary timber infill link from the existing property to the existing garage; the introduction of a mansard roof; and changes to the fenestration, to incorporate a number of Crittal windows to the rear.

Through the use of historic imagery, we were able to successfully demonstrate that the proposal for the mansard roof extension was entirely appropriate on this prominent building, by seeking to re-instate lost parapet detailing that existed on the property pre-1904.

Despite local objections from surrounding residents and Residents’ Associations (and a request for listing of the property), we were able to demonstrate to both Historic England and to the Local Planning Authority that the entirety of works were designed in a manner sympathetic to the character and architectural language of the original house and surrounding area. The application was subsequently approved, and the property remains unlisted. 

Following the approval, we worked with the client to discharge an outstanding planning condition relating to parapet detailing, which we managed to negotiate in just 2 weeks.

Summary of achievements

  • Preparation and submission of pre-application advice request, including meeting with planning officers
  • Preparation and coordination of a planning application, including liaison with co-consultants and the preparation of a Planning and Heritage Statement and Design and Access Statement
  • Successful monitoring and overall management of the project, culminating in an approval for all elements without conceding on design (despite a request for spot listing)
  • Discharge of one planning condition attached to the permission / consent within just 2 weeks
  • Provision of strategic planning advice in respect of the rest of the property and its grounds