Hawksmoor Homes

West Horsley

Through careful archival research, Heritage Potential advised on a heritage-led design to secure planning permission for four high quality, family-sized homes, on a late 20th century extension to the curtilage of Silkmore, a Grade-II-Listed property of 17th century origin.

Hawksmoor Homes sought permission to build four new dwellings on a plot of greenfield land associated with Silkmore – a Grade-II-Listed property. Heritage Potential worked alongside colleagues at Planning Potential, and the architects, OSP, to design a suitable layout and design for the new homes which would need to be accessed via the existing driveway to the 17th century house. We analysed archive material, and it became clear that the plot of land had no functional historic relationship to the house; as such, we were able to demonstrate that the proposals would reinstate the historic garden boundary.

We produced a robust heritage statement, setting out the design response to feedback given during the pre-application process. From there, we could demonstrate that the proposals would maximise enhancement of the site and minimise harm. We analysed prevailing plot sizes in the village and presented our findings to show that the proposed sizes of new plots would be in keeping with the local context.

By working collaboratively with our planning colleagues and the architects, we were able to identify opportunities to make subtle improvements to the curtilage of the listed property. These included the removal of a dilapidated outbuilding and the reconfiguration of parking. The design quality of the newly proposed housing was maximised to deliver a well-balanced scheme that both council officers and elected members agreed was appropriate to the local context.


  • Heritage-led design approach and refinement of scheme design, in response to pre-application feedback, to maximise enhancement and minimise harm
  • Helping to secure planning permission by demonstrating the proposals would not harm the setting of listed buildings
  • Using archival research to design out heritage concerns and prepare a robust case for permission