Dagenham Stores

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Planning permission obtained for Inland Homes for 380 new homes at South Dagenham.

In April 2022 Planning Potential secured planning permission, on behalf of Inland Homes, for a residential-led mixed-use brownfield regeneration proposal at Chequers Lane, South Dagenham. Planning Potential supported Inland in reaching this milestone only 11 months after the first pre-application meeting with planning officers.

The proposals, designed by JTP Architects, will catalyse the regeneration of under-utilised industrial land adjacent to Dagenham Dock railway station and provide a significant boost to local housing delivery through the creation of 380 new homes, including 35% affordable housing. A sister planning application for public realm improvements to the area outside of the railway station, also received a resolution to grant planning permission at the same committee meeting and will result in over £1m of investment in public realm and associated infrastructure. Planning Potential coordinated both planning applications, from project inception to planning committee.

The site was allocated in the Adopted Local Plan and benefited from an Emerging Allocation in the Draft Local Plan for almost half the number of units that Inland secured on the Site. Planning Potential, along with the design team, were able to successfully bring forward proposals which satisfied the environmental and technical requirements, whilst also pushing densities through high quality architecture and design. The resultant scheme maximises the contribution of this well located, brownfield site, whilst not compromising on the quality of environment created for the future residents and visitors.

The site was not without its challenges, with the A13 flyover cutting across the southeast corner making for a challenging environment to transform into something residentially appropriate. Planning Potential worked incredibly closely with the appointed technical consultants to mediate the necessary design solutions required, resulting in an uncompromised scheme. Planning Potential also needed to engage with surrounding landowners to bring forward infrastructure requirements, along with needing to engage with C2C and TFL to agree the approach to works relating to the nearby station.

The project success is testament to the proactive approach of Barking and Dagenham’s planning and development arm, Be First, in supporting us in the project’s evolution and demonstrates the value of collaborative working with Local Planning Authorities. The speed of progress over the course of less than a year also demonstrates the value-add to the planning process that can be achieved through Planning Performance Agreements.

The new homes are divided across three buildings ranging between 19, 15 and 13 storeys, forming a gateway development into South Dagenham and a key marker building in the local townscape. The scheme is also embedded in high quality landscaping, led by BDP, which incorporates eight distinct landscape character areas. These include the revitalisation of an existing watercourse along the site’s northern boundary, opportunities for ‘community growing’ and a unique area for games and play beneath the A13 fly-over, which exhibits a distinct gritty character.

Beyond the residential component, the proposals offer over 900sqm of flexible floorspace to accommodate a range of retail and community-type uses. The spaces are designed to be adaptable to changing live / work patterns and harmonise with the extensive area of public realm and landscaping, which amounts to 51% of the site area – a significant amount for an urban brownfield site.

Summary of Achievements

  • Provision of a clear planning strategy to client and project team
  • Co-ordination of a large, complex consultant team
  • Successful engagement with key stakeholders and interested parties
  • Established good relationships with officers, working proactively together towards a timely decision