Creams Cafe

Providing planning advice and assisting with expansion plans

Planning Potential have worked with Creams since 2016, providing strategic planning advice and assisting with their expansion plans.

We were first instructed by the Chief Executive of Creams in August 2016 to advise on the expansion of their business portfolio and the operation of one of their existing stores.

We conducted an audit of existing stores to understand how they were operating and assess their position in respect of the Use Classes Order. Drawing from our experience with other coffee shop and café operators, we provided justification for Creams’ operations and gave advice on the prospects of securing consent and continuing their operations at one of their existing store locations.

Since then we have prepared a number of site appraisals and submitted change of use applications on behalf of Creams. This involves effectively explaining the Creams operation to the council, so that they have an accurate understanding of how the store would function, as well as outlining the many benefits that Creams bring to centres in which they operate. We recently secured planning permission for our first Creams at George Street in Croydon and we are hoping that many more will follow.

Summary of achievements

  • Undertaking an audit of all existing properties;
  • Providing justification for Creams’ operations;
  • Setting out clear recommendations to assist Creams’ store expansion;
  • Appraising existing sites and advising on prospects;
  • Justification of Creams operations, and promotion of Creams as a suitable new occupier;
  • Preparation, coordination and monitoring of planning applications.