Change of Use Applications

Canary Wharf Estate

Planning Potential worked with Canary Wharf Group to securing planning permission for changes of use on the Canary Wharf Estate

In March 2016, we were asked to assist with a change of use from D1 (Private Dental Practice) to A1 (Retail) at Churchill Place, Canary Wharf. The proposals included a loss of community facilities, which would be contrary to policy; however, we were able to demonstrate that replacement facilities would be provided elsewhere on the estate. We established a positive relationship with the council officer and secured permission within six weeks of submitting the application.

In October 2016, Canary Wharf Group asked us to assess the prospects of achieving a change of use from A1 to a flexible A1/sui generis (car showroom) use, on behalf of global electric vehicle brand, Tesla. In order to combat the loss of an A1 unit, we devised a strategy which would allow a flexible use of the unit between A1 retail and car showroom. We worked with the local authority, alleviating any concerns during the process and again achieved permission within the 8-week deadline.

In December 2016, we were asked to prepare an application for the change of use of a single retail unit (A1) to a smaller retail unit (A1) and a mixed retail and fitness studio unit (A1/D2). The intended gym occupant was a new and innovative company, with a focus on high intensity class-based fitness. The sale of gym clothing and a juice bar provided a retail arm to the fitness studio. We were able to convince the council that the proposals would benefit the centre, as a significant proportion of the retail frontage would be retained whilst also providing important gym space to serve workers, residents and visitors to Canary Wharf.

Our work with the Canary Wharf Group has also included the review and analysis of the DCLG’s consultation on improving the use of planning conditions. We liaised with our client, to understand how they felt about the Government’s proposals, and submitted representations on their behalf. We then monitored the representations and provided our analysis when the consultation feedback was issued. 

Summary of our services 

  • Preparation, coordination and monitoring of successful planning applications
  • Preparation and submission of representations to DCLG consultation, communicating our client’s interests
  • Close liaison and negotiation with the council