BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd.

Throgmorton Avenue, City of London

Planning Potential successfully secured consent at BlackRock’s UK head office to allow more flexible use of the ground floor to provide employee wellness and technology hubs

As part of a wider upgrade and modernisation of office facilities at their UK head office, BlackRock were keen to provide additional employee support facilities following a change in the demand for floorspace and shifting work patterns and lifestyle habits resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

A complex planning history and restrictive conditions limited some floorspace to retail use only. Planning Potential prepared a planning application to vary the condition and to enable alterations to the building to facilitate the new uses. We detailed the wider benefits associated with imaginative ways in which space can be better utilised for employees. This is especially important due to greater need to encourage workers back to the office, increasing footfall, and stimulating economic activity.

In response to policy, the application also clearly demonstrated how a change from publicly accessible retail premises to uses for BlackRock staff would not negatively impact on the vitality of the area due to the location of the units and the supply of similar alternative floorspace locally.

Summary of Achievements

  • Preparation of a robust planning case
  • Delivery of client objectives, enabling greater flexibility and more efficient use of floorspace
  • Working closely with officers to secure a swift consent