Blackhaven Ltd

Crystal Palace Road, East Dulwich

We were able to overcome local residents’ concerns to secure planning permission for this development of nine residential units in East Dulwich. Permission was granted by planning officers, under delegated powers, within the eight-week deadline. We successfully managed the process without needing to engage in pre-application discussions.

This regeneration project, on Crystal Palace Road, required permission for a change of use and involved the partial demolition and extension of a vacant unit to create a three-bedroom house and eight apartments. 

We demonstrated that the principle of development was entirely acceptable and that the proposed design was in-keeping with the surrounding context. Although the scheme proposed slightly less private amenity space than that required by the council, we used extensive local research to prove that the outdoor space provision was acceptable – based on other precedents in the area.

The application was initially met with considerable opposition from local residents, who were concerned that the proposals would have an adverse impact on the local area. We overcame these residents’ concerns by carefully explaining the scheme design and orientation – and by using daylight and sunlight analysis to prove that there wouldn’t be negative impacts in terms of overlooking and overshadowing.

The application was subsequently determined by council officers within the eight-week time period. We are also able to minimise the number of pre-commencement conditions required, to ease delivery of the scheme once consent had been granted.

Summary of achievements

  • Advice on feasibility from the outset including design, dwelling mix and compliance with residential standards
  • Coordination of the planning submission, including liaison with consultants
  • Proactively driving forward the proposals and carefully monitoring the progress of the application
  • Responding to objections raised, carefully ensuring all comments were accounted for
  • Extensive research into surrounding precedents, used to promote our client’s proposals
  • Ongoing liaison with the planning authority through to delegated approval
  • Provision of strategic advice throughout the process