Quenington Mansions — Dorrington

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Installation of Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Panels as part of a Comprehensive retrofit of a mansion block to reduce carbon emissions by 50%

The proposals seek to introduce sustainable construction method fabric improvements and renewable energy provision to lead to a carbon reduction of around 70,000 kg CO2 per year. 

Our client, Dorrington, is a privately owned and leading residential investor, developer, and landlord in London. The business dates back to the 1930s, and they are passionate about protecting historic buildings. Quenington Mansions was acquired by Dorrington in 2018. The building was previously in the same ownership since its initial construction more than 100 years ago. 

Dorrington is seeking to upgrade the entire building to provide modern homes that are exceptional both in design, usage and minimise energy use. They are retrofitting the properties to be fit for use for the next 100 years in line with the Council’s ambition is to realise a clean, safe and sustainable future that works to benefit all people and the environment.  

The proposals were submitted following a design process led by leading architects, Gort Scott and engineers Edward Pearce, considering the constraints and opportunities of the site. Communications Potential provided communications and consultation support, engaging both neighbours and existing leaseholders as well as providing a summary briefing for members of the planning committee.  

The ASHP roof enclosure has been designed to be as small as possible to minimise views and impact on the conservation area, whilst ensuring there is no loss of efficiency in the energy savings that can be delivered. This proposal provides an exemplary retrofit scheme in a sensitive location. 

Summary of Achievements

  • Extensive discussions with planning and conservation officers
  • Public consultation with neighbours
  • Co-ordination of the submission
  • Presenting at Planning Committee