Paddy Power

Caledonian Road, Islington

Appeal Inspector agrees Paddy Power would support the vitality and viability of local centre.

Paddy Power showed an interest in opening a new shop at this vacant site on Caledonian Road. Planning Potential were instructed to prepare a planning appraisal for the unit in order to provide an idea of prospects and to scope out potential issues. The appraisal demonstrated that evidence would be required of the marketing attempts at the site, the impact on vitality and viability of the centre, and that we would need to demonstrate that the proposals would not result in a harmful concentration of similar uses.

Planning Potential worked with the client to help obtain this evidence and submitted a strong and persuasive case supporting the proposed development. Despite opposition from a local councillor, Planning Potential were able to obtain a recommendation for approval from planning officers at the Local Planning Authority. Although the Planning Committee went against their officer’s recommendations and resolved to refuse the application, securing this initial recommendation from officers proved to be helpful for the subsequent appeal process.

We then worked in conjunction with a specialist planning barrister in preparing a water-tight appeal case which focused in great detail on the specific reasons for refusal. Clear and compelling evidence was produced and submitted as part of the appeal submission and we made the case that the appeal should be dealt with at a hearing, rather than through written representations. This would give our client the best possible chance to emphasise the benefits of the proposals and to analyse the evidence from both sides.

The Inspector agreed with Planning Potential’s Grounds for Appeal, concluding that the proposed betting shop would not adversely affect the vitality and viability of the local centre and would not result in a harmful concentration of betting shops.

Summary of achievements

  • Preparation of an appraisal to scope out the potential issues;
  • Demonstration of compliance with strict town centre policies;
  • Positive working with the Local Planning Authority to obtain a recommendation for approval;
  • Preparation of clear and compelling evidence for success at appeal.