LondonMetric Property Plc

Madford Retail Park, Hertford

Acting on behalf of LondonMetric, we secured planning permission to enable the extension of a retail park to include two new units. This enabled the client to diversify the park's offer to accommodate Majestic Wine and Costa Coffee.

We were well placed to guide an application for additional out-of-centre floor space – having worked with East Herts Council’s planning officers on other schemes in the District, as well as providing advice to the previous owners of the retail park in relation to the relaxation of retail restrictions.

Officers were initially reluctant to give planning permission for the extension, on sequential and impact grounds. However, we were able to provide the required technical justification, whilst also agreeing a mutually beneficial position in respect of the final set of retail conditions that governed the new units. This provided the Council, client and intended occupiers of the units with the required level of comfort.

By naming the intended occupiers, it was possible to confirm that there was no evidence to suggest any conflict with the town centre. This also helped satisfy the Highway Authority, by demonstrating that the retail park would not attract a significant number of new trips. Planning permission was secured, through delegated powers within the statutory period. The retailers opened for business in mid-2015.

Summary of achievements

  • Utilising established relationships with planning officers
  • Securing a beneficial set of retail restrictions for the client
  • Securing a swift permission through delegated powers