Aldi, Porthcawl

Salt Lake North, Porthcawl

Planning permission was approved at a high profile, gateway location in Porthcawl, for an Aldi store of very high architectural quality. The store will be the first development at the Porthcawl Waterfront Regeneration Area, so it will set the design standard for future proposals and provide the catalyst for future phases to come forward.

On a site that has long been allocated for a food store, the adopted Salt Lake North Development Brief was very prescriptive in how any building and wider site should be designed. Additionally, Aldi acquired the site from the local Council which required a high standard of design as part of the contract.

Given the requirement to design a very high-quality scheme, we front-loaded the application process by undertaking four separate pre-application meetings with the local authority and engaged with Porthcawl Town Council, senior members of Bridgend Council, and local ward Councillors. Over the course of several months, the design of the scheme was amended as a result of these meetings.

Given the number of pre-application meetings, we were then able to submit the planning application in September 2021. During the course of the application no further amendments to the scheme were required. The only submissions made were to clarify minor points, or to provide further information. The application was approved on 22 December – an application period of just over 14 weeks.

Benefits of the scheme include:

  • Delivering a very high-quality building at a gateway development site.
  • Creating a catalyst to encourage future development at the wider Porthcawl waterfront area.
  • Incorporation of public art into the scheme which will reflect the local area.
  • Delivery of wider highways improvements including several new crossing points and cycle routes.
  • Creating a highly sustainable building in a sustainable location.
  • Helping to retain convenience expenditure in Porthcawl, and providing more local choice.

Summary of achievements:

  • Coordinating a comprehensive pre-application process, including meetings with the LPA and key local stakeholders.
  • Preparation of the planning application, including the PAC process.
  • Building a strong relationship with the LPA throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth application.
  • Planning permission granted in 14 weeks from submission.