‘Project Fresh’ consents secured across ALDI’s existing estate as part of on-going commitments to sustainable operations

2 August 2018

ALDI’s ‘Project Fresh’ is a national programme of scheduled upgrades and refurbishments taking place across a number of its existing stores, seeking to enhance  energy efficiency performance through the installation of new plant equipment, including a new CO2 pack and gas cooler. This initiative is testament to ALDI’s commitment to continuously improving its environmental performance.

Proposals which include objectives that are geared towards securing a more sustainable store operation – in line with core principles of the NPPF – should be afforded significant weight and Planning Potential are delighted to be managing the planning for these important upgrades, which unlock a number of significant environmental benefits in the long run.

Through the preparation, submission and managing of planning applications on a site-by-site basis, Planning Potential’s Harrogate office have successfully secured permission for plant upgrades at more than 10 existing ALDI stores across the region since Spring 2018. By working closely with Council officers and offering robust and technical information and justification as required, we have secured all decisions on or before the determination date, whilst avoiding the attaching of pre-commencement conditions where possible. This has meant no delays have been incurred for the client carrying out the works on-site.

We now look ahead to the stores which are scheduled to receive the plant upgrades for 2019, with a view to securing streamlined decisions, minimising any delays to the client as part of their wider planned upgrade works, whilst securing development which reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions – with each of our three offices managing the plant upgrades for the stores within their respective regions.